About Conference Host

LED 2017 will be hosted by The Luminescence Research Laboratory at Rhodes University. The general theme of our research is the study of point-defects in insulating materials using luminescence methods. Our current interest concerns the use of time-resolved optical stimulation (TR-OSL) to study dynamics of luminescence processes in quartz and the ultra-sensitive dosimeter, α-Al2O3:C.
We also have projects using thermoluminescence to study luminescence properties of quartz, α-Al2O3:C, α-Al2O3:C:Mg, doped-glass, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and various materials of interest in phosphor research. The laboratory was established in 2002 and over the years has benefited from generous funding from Rhodes University and The National Research Foundation of South Africa. Our equipment consists of one RISØ TL/OSL DA-20 Luminescence Reader and two TR-OSL systems built in-house.
Rhodes University is situated in Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Rhodes is the smallest university in South Africa with approximately 7000 students, with many housed in the 42 residences on campus. For more information visit www.ru.ac.za.
For more information, visit the University’s main webpage.